Packages of support, including bespoke training or termly school improvement visits,
can be arranged to suit the needs of individual schools or groups of schools. Also details of how you can sign up to access up to date documents and information about all matters involving behaviour and attendance.

Jane offers school improvement advice, support and training in:

Leadership and Management

  • Pastoral lead development;
  • School self-evaluation of Behaviour and Attendance;
  • Policy reviews of Statutory documents- behaviour, exclusions, equalities,
    anti bullying, including web site requirements;
  • Safeguarding audits and advice;
  • Advice on exclusion;
  • Advice on improving attendance;
  • Support for staff under going competency procedures;
  • Support for staff entering the profession;
  • Governor training in Behaviour and Attendance.

Evaluation of teaching and learning

  • Professional development of teaching staff around behaviour and
    classroom management;
  • Professional development of support staff – whole class teaching, small
    group intervention work and behaviour management;
  • Training for MDSA around managing behaviour at lunchtime;
  • Observation of teaching;
  • Learning walks;
  • Work scrutiny.

Resource Bank

  • For a nominal sum per year, gain access to a ‘one-stop’ library of the most up to date documentation around Behaviour and attendance;
  • Documents will be annotated to show updates where appropriate;
  • Also included are links to influential research or papers concerning relevant topics;
  • Archive of bogs will also be available;
  • Contact us for further details and costs.