Keeping children safe in education – new guidance

The DfE  has issued a new version of ‘Keeping children safe in education’ to take effect from 3 September 2018. It is a comprehensive revision with more pages and a wider scope. It also updates many paragraphs from the current version, to make them more clear.

In order to help you to see the changes I have prepared  3 documents to help:                   A highlighted version of the guidance showing the changes 

to be read in conjunction with KCSIE Sept 2018 changes

A brief summary of changes to KCSIE Sept 2018  

and a ‘what to do next about KCSIE’ document

I hope they will be useful. If you would like to continue to receive updated versions of Guidance, please contact me to find out how you can receive, for a nominal yearly sum updated versions of DfE documents uploaded onto a password protected page – all the relevant documents in one place, ready for you to download if required.