What were you doing last Friday? Looking forward to the Bank Holiday with the promise of some unseasonably good weather? Perhaps being gently woken to the news that teachers were going to be offered the opportunity to take a sabbatical? What wasn’t largely reported in the media was the speech that Damian Hinds was to give to at the NAHT conference, and the implications this could have for schools and their accountability. It also looked at teacher recruitment  and retention, and teacher workloads. In the speech ( read it here),   he urges  colleagues  to read the statement in full. However it is surprisingly difficult to find it! There is no direct link on the Gov.uk page (only to Teaching and leadership – about recruitment and retention). In order to find it I had to google ‘Damian Hinds statement on accountability’ find a Gov.uk news story, and then there was a link to school and college accountability, from which you have another link to follow to ‘principles for a clear and simple school accountability system’! ( or you could simply click here!)

To be fair, Damian Hinds did tweet (@DamianHindsthe DfE tweet about it, but unless you follow everybody in the Government you can easily miss it.

The following week there was an interesting ‘Long read’ in the TES about the speech and its possible far reaching effects. It does pull out some of the key points, which, when read together with the speech and the statement may help to keep you up to date with what is being considered!  You can read this story here

I just find it strange that such a key set of proposals haven’t been shouted from the roof tops – or perhaps they represent too radical a reversal of previous government policies? I know the media have a role in this, they choose what they think are the most news worthy stories, but it really doesn’t help busy teachers to have to chase around trying to find out what is going on.

This morning, I was awoken by the news that the government is to hand over £50m to existing grammar schools to help create thousands of new places.  Now where is the official announcement of this……… (look for ‘Selective schools expansion fund)